Girls are dandy

I had the pleasure of doing a birthday portrait session for a family of two girls, one boy and another on the way. A & C are the sweetest girls. They came in with their mom and aunt. At first they were a bit shy as all preteen and teens are. But once I found out what they loved to talk about, they bloomed with smiles and talked talked talked.

Happy Birthday Miss A!

The Birthday girl is all smiles. She giggles when her sister says smile, she laughs when her mom or aunt said “look at the camera!” But make no mistake about it, this girl loves her family! She loves horses and riding fast. Her mom was telling me how her brother likes to trot at a slow pace but she asked, when can I go faster. That tells me she will be a fast rider! She says her brother is loud, but says it with a sister smile.

Sister are your first Besties

When sisters are your Best Friends

If you were to listen to these two you would think they were best friends. Miss C kept trying to tell her little sister where to look how to stand and what clothes looked good for the camera. They really do compliment each other well. The family has an almond orchard and I practically threw myself at mom! Pretty please can I take your picture in your orchard. I promise Ill be a good photographer and not trample around the orchard. She had to tell me they are not full grown yet. Probably a good thing, I would have stayed in the orchard for hours and hours. I love the smell of fresh blossoms, the ground and how it reminds me of “home” .

All in all it was a great day. By the time we were done. I was in love with these girls. The giggles the faces, and the way they were around each other. Reminds me of when I was young, and close to my best friends.

Your only this age once.

When it was time to photograph Miss C, she knew what she wanted to do. “I’m already thirteen”, she said, and I kept thinking as I clicked and clicked, thirteen. Thirteen. At thirteen I was saying the same thing only I was saying it in shock. What an age to be. Young, and vibrant, your whole world in front of you. Your family, friends, and of coarse, your imagination. These girls live in a time where they truly can be anything they want to be. Its such an exciting time. I hope they get to do what they want. I hope their futures are bright and full of wonder. But most of all I hope they understand what they can do. Which is anything they put their minds to.