Time Well Spent

Today is raining. Yesterday it was raining, and by the looks of things, tomorrow it will be raining. But we need it. I just wish it would stop and bring Spring already. I know, rain helps things grow and cleans things up. And I know that a nice rain helps cleanse the earth. I get all that, but sometimes, it helps to know when and where the rain will hit. I listen to the news and think “they said no rain, but why is my window covered with drops of water?” I can only imagine that it is because my house, out of all the houses around, is singled out to get wet. That has to be it. (or at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better about all this rain.) I read on one of the news talk sites that Sacramento was at 125% in rain average. That’s a lot of rain. Sometimes it comes as predicted. Other times it comes as a surprise. Like while your on a shoot. Outside. In the rain. lol. Thank goodness that did not happen last week. It was blue skies and warm sun last week. Which was a good thing because of where we were going to be shooting . We got in contact with the owners of The Abbey House Inn in Winters, California. A mutual friend told her friend and she told me about telling her friend who thought we needed to set up a meeting. That kind of thing, and the rest was a sweet meet and greet.

I met one of the owners , Pam Tavenier out at her Air bnb in Davis, California. I wanted to meet to see if we could photograph our mini sessions out there. after walking the grounds for a good hour and awing at the location, Pam happened to mention that she also was the owner of a local Inn in Winters, California. I asked her if we could go check it out and she said yes, and am I a happy happy girl that she did.

Abbey House is the pride and joy of Pam and Eric. it is situated in historic Winters California, and I could bet that Pam or Eric would love to chat and talk about the who, the what, and the where about this beautiful Inn.

Abbey House is charming, peaceful, and relaxing, all rolled into one. As soon as you make it through the front gate, you are greeted by the Inn manager Annette. She is wonderful. We were there to do the layout shots of the place, but she made us feel like guests and did all she could to make us feel welcomed. I would stay there for a month if I could. Situated on the corner of the property is a beautiful flower arrangement with the sign that invites you to come on in. Wrapped around the house is a porch that invites you to sit and visit, and the flowers in the garden give a nice aroma as you walk by and stroll through.

Once inside, the light from the sun shines in a peaceful way that all I could think of was what a beautiful place to have a small wedding party get ready in. Can you imagine the light from the window on the bide or the bride with her mom? love! that’s what it would look like.

The rest of the house, I will leave to your imagination, because I don’t want to give it all away. I will say this, take a drive out to Winters and take a good look at the Inn. Awe at the architecture, take a picture from the fence. Or better yet, book a stay at The Abbey House Inn, you know I will. After all this rain, and fighting with booking reschedules due to the rain, Steve and I truly need some R&R, and I think The Abbey House Inn is just the place to do it. Have a wonderful weekend. See you on the other side of the lens.