So Grateful!

New year new birth!  Welcome to the world Mr. Nathan!  It was such a pleasure to photograph this little tyke!  Not just because its my niece’ baby, or that it’s my big sisters second grandchild, but because every time I have the pleasure to photograph a newborn it gives me pure joy!  God is Great and I am humbled by His creations.  Mr. Nathan was also the studios first of many to come poster child for our Bellies to Babies Campaign for 2017-18!  So, we will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Nathan in the future.  On top of coming into this world, he had some grande entrance of a week.  Northern California just experienced its first “monster” storm of the year.  (right now my family in Texas are rolling their eyes. ha ha)  The day of the shoot we drove to the hospital in 30 mph winds, rain and heavy traffic.  Once we arrived we began the video taping of our first Facebook Live portrait session.


We decided for 2017 we were going to start doing live feeds on our sessions to show how we work.  I was being asked more then not “how did you photograph in such cramp rooms, or why did the photo you took come out lighter then the one I took, and I was standing right behind you.  (there are some rules to my letting family/friends photograph behind me that’s in our portrait contracts. But that’s another blog post) So we decided to begin the year with informative live feeds to show how we can do that.  Not really “how to’s ” they will be more inspiration for those who are on the fence about having a portrait session.  The videos are also a great way to put our business in prospective.  To help us see what we are doing and to stay on track on what is important with this business….YOU!  our clients.  2017 brought us to our 11th year in business!  Wow, seeing that makes my heart pitter patter (wait, maybe its the coffee.)  We are so humbled by Gods grace and all the people He has brought before us to photograph.  I have always said, “it’s not just a photograph, it’s your life.  I truly believe that.  One day years after the kids have grown, or my clients have moved on, someone  will be looking at a family portrait hanging in their living room or a newborn collage in the hall way and say “do you remember when grandma had that done?”  Those are the moments I am talking about.

Yep, Baby Nathan may have had an eventful week, but I have a feeling this kid is going to have both hands on the wheel, he will know who he belongs to and that will give Him joy.  Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and take care of one another.