Its Monday All day

I was working at Carols’ studio this weekend.  Carol is an artist in Davis, California that works with pen and pencil.  Very intricate and very detailed.  She has been a return client for over two years now and we have established a fond relationship.  I look up to her not only as an artist but as a mentor for empowerment.  Carol just does what she wants and does it in a very positive way.  Not pushy or rude.  She is  pretty cool.  Dick is her confidant, her “go get guy” and her husband.  He is pretty awesome in his own right.

In the years that I have known Carol, she has given me her views on quite a few things.  And I have listened, some not my cup of tea, but most…she hits the nail right on my head.  One day when all  was going its own way.  I told her about how I lost the studio and how everything was taking a turn I was not happy with.  She looks at me and states, “so stop it.”  And just as easy as those words came from her mouth, I thought “why dont I?”  Sometimes we forget that.  We forget that we can undo as much as we can do.

Carol the artists


I tend to see others as the “artist”.  Not me, I see my work as a way to express myself or something that I do.  But when I started to work with Carol and seeing how she saw my work as “art” then I started to believe in my work.  I once had some one tell me, “photograph is not an art, that’s silly to think that.”  Now that I think about it, when I told Carol that she giggled and said, “that’s a silly statement in its own right.”  She then began to tell me that art is.  Period.  We may not see art in a wall with a red dot on it, but someone will.  Just because I don’t use a paint brush or paint.  Or just because I don’t have canvas frames around my studio.  Or maybe my studio is my home, that doesn’t define the art.  I do, I define what is my art.  No one else.  If God gave me a gift., how shameful is it of me not to use it.  Show it.  EXPRESS it.

When you have paint, you paint

When you have paint, you paint.  When I have a vision in my head.  I try to show it in my way.  Photography.  I am grateful that I have the means to be able to do that.

any cup is only as full or as empty as you see it

You if you have a thought in your head that you cant do something or your work is not something.  Don’t be defeated by those words, even if they are your own.  Remember what Carol said.  “That is a silly statement in its own right.”  and move on.


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