Out and Bout life

It reminded me of our trip.  How the light came across each place differently.  I am facinated by light.  How it moves, where its dense where its dim, where it shines brightest.

So, yesterday we decided to add more to our plate.  Thus, the phrase “too much on your plate”. Off we forged into the wild and uncharted areas of..gallery viewing. Our first thoughts were to get out there and experience art.  Our adventure started in none other than Yolo County. The art mecca of Northern California, or so it would be for us.  Plus, it is the closes we are to fine art galleries and eating. First stop.  The Pence.  Pence Art Gallery is  on D Street in Davis California.  The gallery show cases local artist and offers high caliber art exhibits and educational programs for visitors of all ages..   Hey,  would  that be me?  We shall soon see.  It was a great day trip and we got to experience something we thought was out of our element.  Were we ever wrong.  Photography IS art!  I am an artist of light.  Some draw it, some write about it, I see it, and manipulate it to the point of seeing it.  awesomeness.  Steve enjoyed the art sculptures and some of the different ways photographs were used in  those sculptures.  I was mesmerized by the room. The whole building glowed by the light from all the windows.