Time Well Spent

Today is raining. Yesterday it was raining, and by the looks of things, tomorrow it will be raining. But we need it. I just wish it would stop and bring Spring already. I know, rain helps things grow and cleans things up. And I know that a nice rain helps cleanse the earth. I get all that, but sometimes, it helps to know when and where the rain will hit. I listen to the news and think “they said no rain, but why is my window covered with drops of water?” I can only imagine that it is because my house, out of all the houses around, is singled out to get wet. That has to be it. (or at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better about all this rain.) I read on one of the news talk sites that Sacramento was at 125% in rain average. That’s a lot of rain. Sometimes it comes as predicted. Other times it comes as a surprise. Like while your on a shoot. Outside. In the rain. lol. Thank goodness that did not happen last week. It was blue skies and warm sun last week. Which was a good thing because of where we were going to be shooting . We got in contact with the owners of The Abbey House Inn in Winters, California. A mutual friend told her friend and she told me about telling her friend who thought we needed to set up a meeting. That kind of thing, and the rest was a sweet meet and greet.

I met one of the owners , Pam Tavenier out at her Air bnb in Davis, California. I wanted to meet to see if we could photograph our mini sessions out there. after walking the grounds for a good hour and awing at the location, Pam happened to mention that she also was the owner of a local Inn in Winters, California. I asked her if we could go check it out and she said yes, and am I a happy happy girl that she did.

Abbey House is the pride and joy of Pam and Eric. it is situated in historic Winters California, and I could bet that Pam or Eric would love to chat and talk about the who, the what, and the where about this beautiful Inn.

Abbey House is charming, peaceful, and relaxing, all rolled into one. As soon as you make it through the front gate, you are greeted by the Inn manager Annette. She is wonderful. We were there to do the layout shots of the place, but she made us feel like guests and did all she could to make us feel welcomed. I would stay there for a month if I could. Situated on the corner of the property is a beautiful flower arrangement with the sign that invites you to come on in. Wrapped around the house is a porch that invites you to sit and visit, and the flowers in the garden give a nice aroma as you walk by and stroll through.

Once inside, the light from the sun shines in a peaceful way that all I could think of was what a beautiful place to have a small wedding party get ready in. Can you imagine the light from the window on the bide or the bride with her mom? love! that’s what it would look like.

The rest of the house, I will leave to your imagination, because I don’t want to give it all away. I will say this, take a drive out to Winters and take a good look at the Inn. Awe at the architecture, take a picture from the fence. Or better yet, book a stay at The Abbey House Inn, you know I will. After all this rain, and fighting with booking reschedules due to the rain, Steve and I truly need some R&R, and I think The Abbey House Inn is just the place to do it. Have a wonderful weekend. See you on the other side of the lens.


Girls are dandy

I had the pleasure of doing a birthday portrait session for a family of two girls, one boy and another on the way. A & C are the sweetest girls. They came in with their mom and aunt. At first they were a bit shy as all preteen and teens are. But once I found out what they loved to talk about, they bloomed with smiles and talked talked talked.

Happy Birthday Miss A!

The Birthday girl is all smiles. She giggles when her sister says smile, she laughs when her mom or aunt said “look at the camera!” But make no mistake about it, this girl loves her family! She loves horses and riding fast. Her mom was telling me how her brother likes to trot at a slow pace but she asked, when can I go faster. That tells me she will be a fast rider! She says her brother is loud, but says it with a sister smile.

Sister are your first Besties

When sisters are your Best Friends

If you were to listen to these two you would think they were best friends. Miss C kept trying to tell her little sister where to look how to stand and what clothes looked good for the camera. They really do compliment each other well. The family has an almond orchard and I practically threw myself at mom! Pretty please can I take your picture in your orchard. I promise Ill be a good photographer and not trample around the orchard. She had to tell me they are not full grown yet. Probably a good thing, I would have stayed in the orchard for hours and hours. I love the smell of fresh blossoms, the ground and how it reminds me of “home” .

All in all it was a great day. By the time we were done. I was in love with these girls. The giggles the faces, and the way they were around each other. Reminds me of when I was young, and close to my best friends.

Your only this age once.

When it was time to photograph Miss C, she knew what she wanted to do. “I’m already thirteen”, she said, and I kept thinking as I clicked and clicked, thirteen. Thirteen. At thirteen I was saying the same thing only I was saying it in shock. What an age to be. Young, and vibrant, your whole world in front of you. Your family, friends, and of coarse, your imagination. These girls live in a time where they truly can be anything they want to be. Its such an exciting time. I hope they get to do what they want. I hope their futures are bright and full of wonder. But most of all I hope they understand what they can do. Which is anything they put their minds to.

Mini Sessions

Mothers Day will be here quick.  What better way to celebrate each other then with a portrait session that captures the beautiful relationship between a mother and her children.  Celebrate each other with a Mommy & Me Mini Session An all inclusive portrait package.  Its hard enough living our lives and trying to schedule the family portraits to boot.  These easy relaxing mini sessions are quick and perfect for getting those memories of you and our littles (no matter what age they are.)  And the best part, you’ll have them to share and enjoy just in time for Mothers Day.    Each session includes 30 minute at The Woodland Edible Gardens,  Located on Court Street in Beautiful downtown Woodland. These are limited session for two days only.    Along with the session you will recieve prints, digitals, and a photographer print release. 
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Cyber Monday

Hi All!  Happy Monday!  I hope you are getting some great deals.  Just wanted to do a quick blog post on what our Cyber Monday Special is.

It has been about 10 years since I did a special like this (or even close to this)  We have locked in a great venue in the beautiful Northern California town of Winters, California.  A cute B&B that will be hosting our holiday sessions for us!  I value our locations, and venue areas very much they have been and are so good to us.  We have had the opportunity to lock in private ranches, hotels and now B&B!  I’m excited!  So with out further ado, here are the digs:

The sessions are limited to 30 minutes but trust me, we will get some great memories!  It also includes

*Three poses

*(1) sheet of the pose of your choice (5×7 & set of wallets)

You also will get a private print viewing to purchase your prints.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well it is.  And its only going to happen this year!  I’m sure I will have more great products and specials, but I don’t know if I will have one like this.  (remember, its been 10 years since my last big discount special)  So contact me today (you have less than 10 hours left) and book your time slot.  Have an awesome rest of your Monday… (psst, if your doing Cyber Monday at work, order your photography session with me and I wont tell a soul!  lol)


CyberMonday 2018mini session special 2018

All portraits are beautiful

This past weekend I was asked to photograph two baby dedications at my church.  I was glad to do it.  My little church is small and I love that.  I know them, not all by name but I find comfort being surrounded by people who open their hearts to Jesus.  The first baby dedication was cool.  It was for our worship leader and his is a beautiful story.  But its his story, so all I’m going to say is God planned this baby to be with them from the start.  It was meant to happen just not in their time but in Gods time.  The second service baby dedication was for my softball coach.  (funny story, and this one IS mine!)  Last year about this time Adam asked at service if anyone was interested in joining the softball team he coached.  Steve said, “you should do that.”  I thought sure, I mean it couldn’t hurt to at least, right?   So after service I asked and he told me yes, its very low key, our pastor is on the team and so is this person and that person.  I only heard the “low key” part.  Being “older” then my younger days of softball, I didn’t want to sign up for something I would have to quit and walk away from.  so a couple weeks before the first game Steve and I went out every morning to practice.  I hit, I ran and I did pretty good.  I even was able to throw the ball straight (after a few minor fly aways.  lol)

Game day!  I’m excited this is going to be fun.  the crowds were gathering, I walk up to the field we are at and I see several parishioners from our church.  No doubt they are here to cheers us on!  In the dug out I hear my name, “Sylvia!  your second base!”  Great!  I use to be a catcher not infield, but I thought this is “low key” Adam said so.  I start to walk out to the field to warm up.  I’m feeling good, the night air is blowing a cool breeze.  I start to look around and see our pastor on third, our worship leader walking to shortstop (I think, it was all a blur after that moment.)  Then with one step forward and a quick thrust of his arm our pastor, Mr calm cool and the man I ask for guidance, lunges forward thrusts his arm and blazes a ball to first base!  All I saw was what I thought was a white line of fast!  The next sound I hear is a loud whack!  First base person caught the ball without fail and quickly throws it to second base!  WAIT!  That’s me!!  (I missed the ball (someone I don’t remember out of embarrassment got it and kept the rally going)  At that moment I thought this is NOT your casual “low key” game!  These guys mean business!

The following week I practiced and practiced hard.  I wanted to do my part and play at the level my teammates played.  Second game came the following week.  Again, I am called but this time I hear “Your catcher!”  Great, I can do that!    I walk up to my position, my eyes are intense.  I look around and see a couple of friends with Steve.  I think to myself play hard Sylvia, play to win.  the batter came to the plate.  I crouch down in catchers position.  First swing he hits the ball but it slides off the bat and spins backwards I reached out and thought I caught the ball (I heard a crack, but that was NOT the ball!)  It hit my finger and broke it!  lol that was the end of that.  but I did finish the game (only because I couldn’t feel my finger!  lol)  To me, Adam will always be my coach.  and this story will always be the game I finished.  lol.

So back to the baby!  Adams baby is a cutie.  I wont say pie, because she was more then that.  She was adorable laying in mommas’ arms.  Dressed in her little tutu.  Adam had the look of a happy father.

I love babies.  They are by far my favorite to photograph.  They look so sweet sleeping.  I could photograph babies all day long.  I once did just that when I worked at Sutter Hospital before I stated my business as a portrait photographer.  I would stay after and look at the babies sleeping and think about how they have their whole lives ahead of them.


After Pastor Andy finished explaining what the baby dedications meant he held her in his arms and prayed.  Prayed for her, for her parents and for us her congregation.  Because we are part of her family too.  Her church family.  And I love that thought.  I love knowing that the community I photograph, babies, children, senior high school, and families are part of my family.  My church, my town and my intimate circle of friends.

So remember, when your out playing a friendly game of “low key” softball or walking into your church, the store you frequent, or the park your kids play in.  I’m there too, waiting to photograph you and your family.  With open arms and a broken finger.  lol Have a blessed day!